About Us

We are Albertans and we are energy.


Recognizing the contribution of oil and gas to Alberta's economy and our communities allows us to address the important relationship between a healthy, thriving industry and our quality of life.


We are bakers, mechanics, sales people, store owners, real estate agents, rig workers, engineers, bankers, truckers and more. We are the people that keep Alberta moving.


For us, the relationship between energy and Alberta's economy is not a question of politics. Every Albertan, no matter their political ideology, can agree that a strong oil and gas industry creates revenue for the province, creates jobs throughout Alberta, and provides the building blocks for quality public programs and the growth of other businesses and sectors.


Our Mission:

Alberta is Energy showcases the men and women of Alberta, their careers, challenges and accomplishments. Our goal is to build awareness of how the energy industry touches our lives.



Alberta is Energy is supported by Alberta's business associations and our more than 3,500 members. We are Albertans - from the high-rise office workers to the general store employees - with a vested stake in the long-term responsible development of Canada's oil and gas resources.