Alberta Is Energy Privacy Policy

This privacy policy for our Alberta Is Energy site and provides details on what information we collect and provide to users along with how we use this information for the company. This privacy policy also indicates that our site would use your information to bolster our service, aim for better and more powerful environmental impacts, improve overall economic benefits and to improve the state of Alberta Energy Consumption as well.

our site would only collect relevant information from you when needed and you would also be informed about it. For cases of sensitive personal information, the site would abide by Data Protection law and ensure that no sensitive data would be collected and/or used.

The company may also use cookies at times in order to improve the rates or speed on which you could connect to our pages. These cookies refer to data stored by our site to your computer, to improve our usage of the website. You would also have the liberty to change this depending on your preference.

The privacy policy here only covers Alberta Energy and companies included in its group and therefore, third party links that you visit from here would be covered by their own policies. Changes to the policies and other aspects of the site would be immediately informed to visitors and customers and should you have any form of query, request or other concern regarding our privacy policy, you could contact us right away.