Casinos and Energy Usage

With so many people in Canada enjoying the thrills and rewards form gambling, the casino energy usage is pretty high. Land-based venues in Alberta attract thousands of players on a regular basis and the daily operational costs are on the rise. These locations are powered by natural gas and renewable energy sources and with so many people engaging in gambling activities, casino energy usage is one of the highest of all industries in Canada that is aware of.

Casinos and High Usage of Electricity

In addition to the cost of lighting and heat, many games that are found in casinos will also consume electricity, especially slot machines. These games are very popular and it is not uncommon for a gambling house to have hundreds of slots on hand. These games are not created with power saving modes and since they run 24/7, there is increased casino energy usage. Alberta casinos and consumption rates are high as more and more Canadian adults visit casinos to test their luck at being the next big winner. In fact, slots account for 30% to 35% of the electricity used in any casino. That's perhaps why more business prefer to operate online. However, it's also because online casinos and betting sites such as red bluff soccer provide players access to gambling games without leaving the comfort of their home. Besides, players can bet on a variety of sports at online bookies, while online casinos introduce new games each month to keep players entertained.

Online casinos are convenient for so many reasons. The fact that you can play your favorite casino game from the comfort of your home and totally for free, it's in the first place. But if you are a first-time online casino user, we recommend visiting the Canada-Promotions guide and getting to know the basic principles. Inside you will find beginner tips, as well as advice on how to use casino bonuses properly.

Lighting accounts for another 30% of electricity usage in casinos and with locations always wanting to offer glitz and glamour to visitors, the operating cost in regards to energy is amazingly high. In addition to the power games consume and the lighting, many casinos also have extravagant decorations in common areas, most of which will require electricity as well. Casino energy usage is at an all-time high, but there are ways to lower costs, such as using LED lighting, adding solar power or making use of other renewable energy sources.

Alberta Casinos Using Renewable Energy

To combat the problem of casino energy usage, Alberta land-based venues have taken a strong look at consumption, as have many other casinos throughout Canada. In fact, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has been hard at work trying to convert them to eco-friendly businesses. The company has successfully partnered with Bullfrog Power to ensure that green energy is used to power 100% of the locations. This includes AC and heating, all electronic games, lighting, TV displays and any other thing that requires an energy source.

OLG has set the pace for many other gambling houses throughout Canada, especially those in Alberta, where natural gas resources are not as prominent as they once were. Alberta casinos and consumption of energy has been a topic of interest in the past few years and many locations are taking steps to reduce energy usage and to incorporate renewable energy resources, including wind turbines, hydro-power and solar panels placed on the rooftops of casino buildings.

Energy Consumption and Reducing Usage

With casino energy usage being as high as it is, many establishments are trying to lower costs and usage. One way this is being done is by presenting players with the option to gamble online. Many of the land-based venues in Alberta also offer an online platform, where players can engage in real money gambling right from home. Online sites have a much lower operating cost and they do not consume nearly as much electricity as a land location.

In regards to the Alberta online gambling laws that are in place, there are some restrictions. In fact, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission does not permit online gambling in Alberta, so there are no licensed sites in the province. However, there are many top rated and legally operating Canadian online casinos that are licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and at these sites, players can enjoy legal real money gambling action without ever having to leave home. Online sites are lending a huge hand to cutting the energy consumption at land casinos. All players that are concerned about energy consumption can opt to play on online casino sites. This way, people can even cut back on their carbon footprint by not driving or taking public transport to and from the land casino venue. Casumo Casino is an excellent choice for those that decide to stay and gamble at home.

Even with the Alberta online gambling laws that are in place, residents can still legally access an online casino and play some of the top rated games in the industry. Online sites have become a preferred choice for many who are looking for the best games, better payouts, bonus options and an easy, safe and convenient way to gamble from home.