Alberta Energy Sectors

The world has changed. Albertans are looking forward, not back, and we recognize our enormous potential as a place that is strong and growing - growing in infrastructure, experience, history and energy.

The oil and gas industry is vital to our prosperity. A healthy oil and gas industry provides Albertans with the following:

  • Good jobs
  • Government revenue
  • Increased opportunity for public programs
  • Strong communities
  • A high quality of life
  • Improved standard of living

The world's demand for energy continues to grow, while conventional supplies of oil and gas decline. Remaining heavy oil and unconventional gas, such as shale gas, is technically difficult and more expensive to develop.

Technology must be used to manage environmental impacts, and key investments need to be made in communities and culture so that development occurs responsibly and in alignment with the broader societal goals of stewardship, respect and freedom.

Canadians want economic growth, a healthy environment, secure energy and a strong economy. To deliver, Canada's resources must be developed responsibly so that Canadians benefit for generations to come.

Alberta's natural resources, combined with our strong social values and ingenuity, make us a global energy leader. Advancing environmental protection, delivering secure and responsible energy supplies and economic growth simultaneously are a big part of Alberta's contribution to Canada - and to the world.

Measuring GHG emissions from the start of a product's life-cycle through to its end use is called a life-cycle or wells-to-wheels analysis. This analysis assesses total greenhouse gas emissions from crude oils. The full product life-cycle is considered from production (wells) to the use of the fuel in a vehicle (wheels).

Life-cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions For Various Sources Of Crude Oil:

Why is it important for Canada to remain strong? A healthy, competitive energy sector:

  • Creates Jobs
  • Builds vibrant communities
  • Increases infrastructure
  • Improves services
  • Maintains the quality of life we enjoy

The United States is Canada's largest economic trading partner. Like Canadians, Americans expect economic growth and protection of the environment. Canada is well-positioned to provide the U.S. with energy developed responsibly. Balanced climate policy will help to maintain Canada's competitive position, providing well-paid energy and technology jobs and a promising future.

Crude Oil Production in Alberta by Type

Developing natural gas is a team effort requiring diverse skills and abilities. To extract natural gas, wells must be drilled deep into the ground. From there, the natural gas is transported through pipelines to a plant where it is processed (liquids and gases are separated) and is then transported to consumers for use as a heat source, electricity and products such as plastics.

Natural Gas Production in Alberta:

Crude Oil Production in Alberta - Conventional & Oil Sands:

Technology has unlocked vast supplies of shale gas across North America. The robust supply outlook for unconventional gas has Canada well-positioned to provide the world with a safe, secure and responsible source of energy.